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Antwerp Dental Academy is the educational arm of Antwerp Dental Group. It consists of a faculty of clinicians who have mastered one or more areas of clinical practice. This faculty is here to support freely to help you develop as a clinician and learn and build on current best practice and promote personal and professional growth of all members of the dental team.

1. Practitioner Support

Identify new or existing practitioners who require support in an area of clinical practice, whether this be financial, legal, ethics and jurisprudence or clinical and provide a support framework around that individual or group of individuals to nurture and foster personal growth as a dental professional

2. Law & Ethics

Consider and implement legal and ethical statutes, principles and requirements for dental professionals with specific and practical application between dental specialists, dental surgeons, dental therapists and hygienists, including dental care professionals and ancillary support staff.

3. Clinical Research

Identify, consider and reflect on areas of clinical research to foster and implement best professional practice.

4. Business & Operations

Provide a business framework around all members of the dental team to assist operational effectiveness, performance of associates, managers, dental care professionals, and front of house staff. All staff are taught to be operationally effective, and on how to ensure their contributory business unit remains commercially viable.

5. Dental Practice Manager Professional Development

Provide a support framework and a development programme for dental practice managers to become more effective.

6. Dental Care Professional Development

Provide and nurture a skills development program for dental care professionals. ADA supports student dental nurses through a mentored programme via trusted third party provider. When dental nurses graduate they are taken through the ADA Skills development programme to ensure that they are able to promote safe, effective clinical care in a diverse clinical setting.

7. Front of House Professional Development

Through mentorship, and facilitation with the Practice management network, Front of House professionals are taught ADG culture and customer service. This includes customer/patient responsivness and professionalism. ADG also provides a skills development programme for Front of House Professionals. IN DEVELOPMENT.

8. Educating the Dental Profession

Various members of our Dental Academy run individual and/or University sponsored and/or ‘system-based’ dental courses to provide updates and teaching for the dental profession to foster and promote areas of clinical practice.

9. Corporate Social Responsibility

All Faculty members of Antwerp Dental Academy recognise their duty of care to freely disseminate important information to ensure that the dental profession is responsive in providing the most up to date dental therapies and that they work in a safe and effective manner
while keeping within the GDC ‘Standards’ for dental professionals.

Leaders in Dentistry through Service, Entrepreneurialism, Innovative Practice, Research and Teaching