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Denplan Excel

What is Denplan Excel ?


Recognised by the British Dental Health Foundation, Denplan Excel is a comprehensive clinical governance programme and an invaluable compliance tool for practices. It also includes an innovative patient communication framework providing individualised patient clinical risk assessments and oral health scores.

The summary of key benefits can be seen in the accordion to the right.

Summary of the Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme

Clinical Governance is the ‘Safeguard’ of  excellent clinical dental care

Clinical Governance is the back-bone of health care to ensure and safeguard quality. It is a framework using training, reflection, and audit to promote a culture of accountability to safeguard high standards and promote clinical excellence. The aim is to create an environment that promotes continuous professional development to safeguard professional excellence and ensure that best practice prevails at all times.

The Denplan Excel Compliance tool facilitates safe and effective practice by auditing several key areas.

  • Infection control and decontamination
  • Ionising Radiation Regulations
  • Record Keeping
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Out of hours emergency cover
  • The Environmental Protection Act
  • Management of patient collapse
  • Complaints handling
  • Postgraduate Education

Each dentist who is Denplan Excel accredited  will have gone through a Denplan Excel training and governance pathway to ensure compliance with the above facets of practice.

Use of the DEPPA (Denplan Excel Previser Patient Assessment Tool

Using the DEPPA tool, every Denplan patient receives an individualised oral health risk assessment which comprises and assessment of the future risk of :

  • decay
  • breakdown of fillings and crowns
  • gum disease
  • tooth wear
  • oral cancer

Based on a detailed analysis of thee individual components, and Oral Health Score  is calculated. This Oral Health Score can be compared on annual visits to assess the impact of oral health advice and prevention.

Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme

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