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[Review of the event] The black panther finally wins the dolphins to keep the Nanyou hopes
On November 14th, Beijing time, the Carolina Black Panther met Miami dolphin. The black panther’s mid-term transfer will trader Calvin-Benjamin to Bill, and the dolphins will also send the main Akay to the eagle, the two teams simultaneously cleaned up the star players who were not fully paced with the team’s rhythm. The result of the transfer operation is required for the future history, this game is just the beginning.

The opening dolphins first attack, got up to attack, but the three-dimensional 5 yards Carterler passed too fast, and I didn’t succeed. I gave a kick to the black panther 16 yard line. The black panther’s first attack attempts to get the number of codes once, three files 8 yards, McCaffli pick up the ball and stop to deceive the defense to get the first attack, but the next three files 1 yards Newton biography The ball failed to succeed, and the two teams of defensive groups showed considerable power. After discarding the dolphins, the dolphins started from this eleven code line. The front two-end attack was pulled down by the black panther defensive group. The three-speed 13 yards Williams tried to get a good abandonment kick. It was also Luke by the sky. The base can only be discarded in the position of the proximal area.

Although the kick will be over half a field, the black panther specialist group will return to the 35 yard of this part. Second file 10 yards Newton fake delivery to Zhongxue Xie Pard’s first attack, but Xie Pard’s next wave of attack unmanned defense once again committed the low-level mistake leakage, but relying on Stewart’s mushroom and Samuel The black panther is still rapidly won the first hand. Nearly Director Dickson won five yards, Newton himself won the first attack, but the next attack, the ball of Newton ran out of the pocket, some of the pockets of the dolphins, the TJ-MacDonald, the black panther offensive group seems to be affected This is the influence of this bad ball, and the next attack is not the first attack only. Gano 40 code shooting mitigation, 0-3.

Dolphins attack, Jay-Carter’s pass is still unstable, but the three-speed 8 yards still find the edge of Stils to win the first attack. Under the three-speed 7-yard Carterle pressure, the long code number is found to find an external connector. However, the ground offensive is limited, the next three-speed conversion Carter Leader challenge challenge end district failed, choose to abandon the kick. The black panther offensive Camper-Newton two-speed offensive passed high, the three-speed 10 code midway straight to the big outer side Ches, Stews next to the offensive shock, using the offensive front line cover directly to get the first attack. Two gears 8 yards Newton fake delivery pass Samuel to attack the dolphin half, next to the second 10 yards Stuart Middle Road to kill the re-surrounding 20 yards to attack the Red District! Two gears 8 yards Newton success confused opponents rushed out of 5 yards, three-speed 3 yards shortcod pass to Fang Shis to win the first attack. A team of Cum-Newton makes a fake action delayed the patron of dolphins, and McCaverry holds the ball suddenly stops and turns into the end area to get up to the end area, attachabore, panther 10-0 lead!

The black panther offensive group exhibited a kaleidoscope offensive means in this attack. Dolphin team offensive, Carter Ledger Landri won 20 yards, Williams continued to get the first attack again. A 10-yard trump passed down, Landri and corner Weisule have hit a double counterpart. A 10 yard Williams picks up the first attack in a row. Three gear 5 yards, Carterre continued to use high-efficiency short pass to find Parker, and the black pedicure guard personal foul Let the dolphins at the three line off-terminal district. Two-speed score Carter gently gently greeted Julies-Thomas rushed into the end area, attached to the 7-10, and the first half was 2 minutes and 07 seconds.

Black Leopard 10 yards Niu Chuan Chuan Bo Line Dickson won the first attack, the next attack passed the flash of Samuel through the flash of McCaverry again. Endam hole – Su gave the black panther attack group very much pressure, resulting in a fourth quarter, three-speed 8 yards, dolphin defensive group giving Newton and McCaffli huge pressure offensive attack failed, abandoning kicking safe catching 47 seconds. A 10 yard truckteler once again “proves yourself”, the side pass passed directly by the sky Luke – Chikli Copy! Dolphins also suffered an excellent offensive location because of the 15 yards of the sports morality in the first half. Samuel got the ball to get the first attack, Newton’s three gears scored the ball to find the close-end Dickson successfully reached, attached to 7-17. After discarding the kick, the Caterler single knee, the end of the first half.

In the second half of the panther first attack, pass the ball to the half, Camper – Newton himself rushed to get the first attack to enter the 30th code line. A large vacant ball in the 10-yard Samuel end failed, and he also appeared to have a body affected to rest. Three-speed 10 yards, Camper Newton temporary change tactics, Fangchez grabbed a defensive group vulnerability, using McAfri’s excellent cover direct edge killing into the end zone, 7-24.

Dolphins are returning to 30 yards, and the second gear 15 Carterler hypothesis will be transferred to Stilles. The four-stage dolphins only seek a code, directly by the black leopard defensive group, and the black panther won a chance to kill the game. Stewart uses the sharp cover of the sharp line into the thirty yard, a 10-yard serted screen short pass, and the first attack will enter the Red District. A ten code replaces it. It is a rush of Attispene to take the end area to take the Direct area, and directly impenetbox defensive group. Attached to the 7-31 dolphins after picking back, the three gears one yard, Clark suddenly killed the resiliency, broke through the entire black leopard defensive group, directly rushing into the end area to re-brought the suspense, this is the Dolphin this season The first sho is reaches. Additional drawings in 14-31. The black panther got the ball, Camman – Newton chose to rush to scam the defensive group, run into the red area! On the one-yard line, Newton is transmitted to the McAfrida battle! Additional drawings in 14-38.

Dolphins attack, three-speed 9 yards Carterle passed to Parker, three-speed 15-yard conversion failed four files to give up the kick, the dolphins basically give up, the black panther also chooses to use the mushroom to consume time. McCaverry is a long-distance sprint, Newton Middle Road is quickly passed to Xie Pud, Stewart Road, and win the first attack. Three gear 8 yards Newton Evergregated Fires Cuts to get up to the array, cheap nfl jerseys from china attached to the 14-45. Dolphins rebounded, and the short pass is transferred in half. Carter is passed to Stewart into the Red District, and the second gear is 5 yards to catch the ball, 21-45. Both sides condemnate, black panthers replace the substitute four-point Delik Anderson. Run Attispene got rid of the hug, rushed to the 30th code line, and won the 550 yards of the creation of the creation of the creation. Anderson chooses that the knees are finished, the game is over. The Black Panther’s home 45-21 wins Miami dolphins, continuing to maintain the competition for the name of the National People’s South District.

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