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The ‘Pandora Protocol’ for return to work Post COVID19

This is a very thoroughly researched document put together by a team of private dentists and led by Dr. Mark Cronshaw, former contract Professor of Laser Dentistry, Genoa that proposes safety measures to reduce the potential of transmission based risk of Coronavirus.

The document proposes an 8-step patient journey to ensure safety of the patient and members of the dental team:

Step 1.  Pre-treatment Screening

Step 2.  Clean the mouth

Step 3.  Clean the water supply

Step 4.  Minimise droplet release in the mouth

Step 5.  Adequate PPE

Step 6.  Clean the air

Step 7.  Clean the consulting room and equipment

Step 8. Reduce any infection laden aerosol spray which is released

Click the PDF link below to access the full Pandora document.

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