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Clinical Pathway in Periodontics

We have several areas of standards and guidance to consider to optimise periodontal workflow in our patients. We are also mindful of the medical co-morbidities between periodontal disease and systemic health, albeit association rather than causation. We aim to accurate diagnose the presence and severity of periodontitis, and identify any possible medical co-morbidities. Where necessary, a collaborative effort is involved to ensure that the patient’s medical practitioner will support any necessary medical management of the patient while our dental team work hard to stabilize inflammation associated with the gums.

Antwerp Dental Group Clinicians will see the periodontal patient by routine examination. Alternatively, a hygienist will identify a periodontal patient by direct access. Diagnosis will be carried out according to the 2017 AAP/EFP Classification of Periodontal Disease. Risk factors will be identified, such as smoking and stress, and initial counselling will be provided including the opportunity to receive smoking cessation advice. There-after detailed pocket assessment of loss of attachment will be undertaken, where appropriate. We will then provide oral hygiene instruction, oral health education and multi-visit debridement to remove all local factors and ensure that the patient is cleaning using the relevant armamentarium of oral hygiene tools.

At the appropriate time interval, the attachment levels are reassessed and a periodn of supportive periodontal care is ensued to ensure successful mainteance of a healthy periodontium.

Where necessary our periodontal (gum) specialists will undertake care to ensure the best outcome.

Within our risk assessments, and mechanical therapy we do not want to underplay the vital role that good nutrition and management of medical co-morbidity may play in periodontal disease stabilisation. We embrace the philosophy that Professor Iain Chappel has endorsed for many years.

Our clinical-work-flow is as follows:

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